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Fronius thinks in terms of solutions.

An efficient energy supply means making the most of synergies. This is why we strive to utilise synergies in photovoltaic systems so that we can offer comprehensive system solutions for a wide range of customer requirements.

The Fronius Power Package enables you to take full advantage of the benefits offered by Fronius string inverters for small and large-scale projects. The flexibility in designing the PV system, the pre-cabled inverters and the supplied Fronius AC Combiner help to minimise installation times, lower maintenance costs and in turn reduce project costs.

In remote areas or regions with unstable public grids, a continuous supply of electricity – independent of the public grid – is required. As it makes complete financial and ecological sense to integrate photovoltaics into off-grid or backup systems of this kind, Fronius offers perfectly coordinated solutions for these applications. We differentiate between microgrids, which are typically operated by inverter chargers, and grids that are powered by diesel generators (gensets). Both systems are most effective with AC-coupled inverters.

At Fronius, we don’t just consider the product – we focus on the solution as a whole.

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Fronius MicroGrid solution
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Fronius storage solution

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